Pluto Values

Our values aren’t just words on posters. They’re the foundation of why we’re here, how we’re organized, what we create, and how we work together every day.

What we value as a company


Everything we do is guided by our shared purpose: to help humanity transcend physical location.

Shared Power

We all share in the management of Pluto. While our structure is fluid, transparency and accountability keep us aligned.

Care for Community

Success, to us, is helping others. Our choices are guided by empathy, curiosity, and connection.

What we value in each other

Individual Responsibility

By counting on each other to contribute proactively and wisely, we nurture an environment of innovation and trust.

Direct Communication

We seek advice, share knowledge, and face conflict head on, speaking thoughtfully and listening with empathy.

Relentless Improvement

We’re constantly improving what we make and how we work. Experimentation and iteration help us achieve our best possible results.

We’re gathering a team of organic, free-range talent.

We need craftspeople who:

  • Are passionate about the possibilities of VR and AR
  • Share our vision for a society free from the shackles of physical location
  • Love collaborating
  • Are driven to contribute, learn, prove, and improve
  • Like the idea of working at a progressive startup

Does that sound like you?


While culture is a lot more than just perks and benefits, they say a lot about how a company treats its employees.

By supporting our team’s health and happiness, we create an environment where people are excited to chip in and make a difference.


Located one block from the tree-lined streets in Seattle’s historic Ballard neighborhood. Have your coffee in the park. Pop into one of the many cafes and restaurants for lunch. Catch a drink after work with friends, or browse the little mom-and-pop shops. On Sundays, there’s even a local farmers’ market.

Work hours

We understand that the traditional work day isn’t right for everyone and every task. Our employees use their best judgment regarding work hours and working from home. We’re happy to work with our employees to find the right the fit for them and their teams.

Life emphasis

We’re supportive of our employees lives—from the everyday to the wonderful and even the tragic. If a team member requires time to take care of individual or family needs, we have the flexibility to make that happen. If it’s a priority for you, it’s a priority for us.

Vacation time

We believe individuals have the best sense for how much vacation they should take. That’s why our employees do not accrue traditional paid time off. We encourage our employees to take time off as needed—whether for a family vacations, irregularly scheduled “sun” days, or simply some time for themselves.


Employees are strongly encouraged to take time off for any religious holidays that are meaningful to them or their families.

Pluto also officially closes our office during the major United States federal holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day (second Monday in October)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Health care

We provide medical, dental, and vision benefits. We take care of 100% of our employees’ health benefits and 50% of their families’.

Gym membership

Every Pluto employee has access to the Olympic Athletic Club, right across the street from our office. They have racquetball courts, yoga, a basketball court, swimming pool, child services, and our personal favorite: rowing machines.

Current Job Openings

Here are some specific positions we need to fill right now. There will be more in the coming months, so if you think you could be a good fit with our values and team, check back soon!

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