A purpose-driven, shared management company

Pluto is a dedicated group of people who care deeply about our shared goals and values. Together, we turn that passion into action, every day.

Our Team

Everyone on our team is here for a reason. Though our backgrounds and skills may be diverse, we all share one motivation: to create a more personally connected world, uninhibited by physical boundaries.

Andy Piro
Bjorn Swenson
Forest Gibson
Heather Zweig
Jared Cheshier
Jean-Luc Bouthemy
Jeremy Romanowski
John Vechey
Jonathan Geibel
Matt McDonald
Scott Rankin
Serah Delaini
Sophia Baldonado
Steve Mauri
Walker Lindley
Will Swannack
Yasmin Or

Featured Pluton

In many startups, managers and founders are expected to monopolize decision making. That’s not us. At Pluto, we deliberately share power and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Heather Zweig

From helping people with disabilities travel through Mobility International (MIUSA) to teaching Korean students English in an immersive classroom, Heather has always worked to help people overcome logistical difficulties to create experiences everyone can enjoy. Given this focus, she naturally gravitated to Pluto’s mission: to help humanity transcend physical location. Now she is Pluto’s point person for getting stuff done, aka Operations Manager.

Heather has found Pluto’s self-management approach both both liberating and challenging. “When I want to do something that aligns with our purpose and my skills, I’m the only one stopping me from making it happen.” When she’s not working to bring process and efficiency to Pluto operations or connecting with colleagues over tea, you’ll often find her organizing VR/AR meetups across Seattle. A strong advocate for diversity in the industry, she works to connect skilled individuals of all backgrounds.

While on Pluto, she talks with friends while getting creative with Tilt Brush and TheWaveVR. She’s eager for the day when Pluto will enable her “to live in Japan (where I’d love to interact with people, places, and things in real life) while still being able to hang out with my colleagues and friends living wherever inspires them.”