Welcome to our blind audition

The first phase of our hiring process involves a small communications exercise. We use this as a form of blind audition in an effort to reduce bias and increase diversity. We have found that keeping our process blind for as long as possible leads to a better evaluation of candidates based on their skills. The hiring team who evaluates your submission will not see your name, email, picture, gender, ethnicity-related information, social network profiles, resume, or any other personally identifiable information before evaluating whether to proceed to the next stage.


Writing exercise

We are passionate about creating an engaging story around our product, understanding our audience, and constructing a consistent, meaningful message. This exercise is intended to find out if you are, too.


Please write 300-500 words, clearly stating who your intended audience is and how you intend to reach them. You may also include visuals, if you’d like. We are specifically looking for well-written copy, a clear story, and of course, creativity.


You will be writing a statement or series of statements from Hydraulic Telegraphs Inc, an ancient communications company. With the advent of modern communication technologies, their customer base has dramatically shrunk. They are now looking to appeal to a new and younger audience who would be interested in their product.


Identify some potential new customers for their product and craft your message(s) accordingly. You can write a press release, social media posts, a craigslist ad, or whatever you so choose to help them.


For the sake of simplicity, this company only produces one product, the 4th century BC Greek version of the hydraulic telegraph, which you can learn more about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_telegraph


Good luck!