Communications/PR Manager

What you’ll be working on

  • Crafting clear, engaging, and consistent messaging for our product and company

  • Ensuring a unified brand voice, internally and externally

  • Coaching internal employees on how to speak to our purpose

  • Developing effective strategies that build awareness and support for Pluto

  • Coordinating all Pluto content—for everything from our website, emails, blog, and social media to our product, video scripts, press releases, and event copy

  • Working with internal and external resources to execute your communication plans

  • Facilitating event participation and speaking opportunities

What we’re looking for

  • 5-10 years of experience in communications and public relations

  • A seasoned storyteller able to communicate complex and nuanced concepts invitingly and clearly

  • A wordsmith who pays attention to the details, fine tuning word choice to the situation and audience

  • Someone equally passionate about sharing their craft and collaborating with others

  • A strategic thinker eager to dive into the challenges of a new product and new market, quickly learning the ins and outs

How you can stand out (any of the following)

  • Experience in the VR and AR industry

  • History managing a vibrant social media community

  • Experience working on a communications or messaging product

  • Experience launching new products or companies into the market

  • Experience with Photoshop or Illustrator

  • Basic filming or video-editing skills

  • Experience creating something that has gone viral