Software Engineer

What you’ll be working on

  • Building a mass market communication product for AR/VR that provides the greatest level of shared-presence possible

  • Effectively maintaining and enhancing any part of our application and services for current and future customers

  • Observing established coding practices, employing test driven development, following code review guidelines, and consistently delivering clean & robust code

  • Prototyping and developing solutions for future usage scenarios to improve our shared-presence experience

What we’re looking for

You have 3-5 years of production software experience. You are disciplined and passionate about writing clean code and are comfortable and confident applying the principles and practices of software craftsmanship in any language or framework. You are equally passionate about sharing knowledge and striving for continuous improvement. You are self-driven, love solving challenging problems and using rigorous experimentation to drive innovation and find ways to help Pluto achieve our purpose.

  • You have shipped consumer facing software, services and/or an SDK

  • Excellent programming and software design skills using modern static typed language (C++, C#, Java, etc.) or a dynamic-typed language (Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.)

  • Exceptional ability to write clean, efficient and highly maintainable code

  • You have a solid understanding of the Internet Protocol Suite (IP), transport layer protocols (TCP, UDP) and application layer protocols such as HTTP and WebSocket

How you can stand out (any of the following)

  • You have built and deployed a cool VR/AR experience

  • You have built something cool with WebRTC

  • You have experience using machine learning (ensemble learning) to solve an interesting classification problem

  • 3+ years of experience in 3D graphics or CUDA programming

  • You have experience with light field rendering techniques