We live in an increasingly connected world.

But phone calls, texts, and video chat still don’t come close to what it’s like to interact face to face.

We see VR and AR as the opportunity to close that gap. With Pluto, you’ll be able to communicate, collaborate, and connect with anyone anywhere, as if you were together in person.

Our Team Is Growing

We're looking to grow our team of organic, free-range talent in the coming months.

We're not a game company. Our goal is just short of teleporting: to help families, friends, and coworkers better connect from anywhere, as if they were together in person. We need people who share our vision, are experts in their craft, and are excited to collaborate out on a new frontier.

Interested? Check out our current openings

Pluto VR strives to create a diverse and respectful environment, and we give everyone an equal opportunity when it comes to employment decisions.  We do not discriminate based on anyone’s status, such as age, race, disability, sex, gender identity, national origin, or any other status the law has said is protected (and some the law hasn't).  If you are interested in applying, but you need accommodation for any reason, just drop us an email at jobs@plutovr.com. 

Working at Pluto

What's it like to work at Pluto? You're not just valued as a contributor. You're valued as a person. We believe a healthy, happy employee is a passionate, productive team memberand we all benefit from that. Want to know more? Check out our benefits.

Want to learn more about working at Pluto?

We recognize that helping all of humanity better the way they communicate is a lot to tackle,  and that purpose driven shared management is unique, so we’re happy to chat with potential candidates who may be interested in working at Pluto, but want to learn more about us.

Our preferred method is to speak using Pluto. That will require Vive or Rift and Steam installed. If you don’t have access to one but there’s a local VR internet cafe, we’re happy to pay the usage fee. If those options still don’t work, we’re happy to speak over your preferred VOIP system, such as Skype, Discord, etc.

Contact us at jobs@plutovr.com and we'll set up a time!

Meet the Founders

Pluto was started by a cofounder and former general manager of PopCap Games; a Disney Animation tech leader, whose tenure spanned two Disney renaissance periods; a mobile applications entrepreneur and former community developer at Valve; and a video, social media, and crowdfunding specialist from Deloitte Digital.


John Vechey

John was one of the cofounders of PopCap Games where he played all sorts of roles (some business, some studio) and at one point even led PopCap after its acquisition by Electronic Arts. He has a wonderful wife and daughter, is a Green Bay Packers shareholder, and sits on the board of environmental website Grist.org.

Jared Cheshier

Before cofounding Pluto VR, Jared was a partner at a Seattle-based development firm focused on mobile and emerging technology. There, he helped develop several AR and VR projects for various clients. He previously worked at Microsoft and Valve in a range of roles, as well as founding several startups. Jared loves outsized objects, both big and small.

Jonathan Geibel

Previous to Pluto VR, Jonathan was a Director of Technology at Walt Disney Animation Studios for 14 years. There he led a team that pushed the boundaries of high-performance computing to advance the art of animation, culminating with the releases of Frozen and Big Hero 6. Jonathan is also an active advisor to the Seattle startup Qumulo.

Forest Gibson

Forest has a diverse background including VR, marketing, video, and crowdfunding. He has helped Kickstart a Satellite Space Telescope that lets you take “Space Selfies” and an automated brewing machine that makes beer at the press of a button. In a past life, he was an Internet Scientist on Know Your Meme and even starred in a short-lived reality TV show.