What is Pluto?

It’s difficult for a group to communicate remotely. With phone and video calls, you can’t visually follow the flow of the conversation, see where people are looking, or pick up on natural clues like who’s poised to talk next. Pluto solves these problems, so you get the feeling of hanging out in person, no matter where you are. The only way to experience it is to try it!


We’re looking for groups of people who are exploring the new frontier of VR.

Do you have regular access to VR equipment ? Are you willing to provide details about what you like, what breaks, and what would help you enjoy Pluto even more?

Then we want your feedback. We’re in active development and looking for quality input. Tell us what works for you. Tell us what doesn’t. Tell us what it enables you to do—and what you wish it could do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have an Alpha?

Pluto is in active development. We’re looking for quality input from people who are just as excited about the potential of this new form of communication as we are.

Approximately how long will Pluto be in the Alpha stage?

We expect our product and customer base to go through several stages of growth as we build and refine. If you’ve asked to join the Alpha, hopefully you’ll stick with us and enjoy the ride. If you’re not initially invited, that doesn’t mean you can’t be in the future. We’re simply targeting those who can can best help refine our product at this stage. As it becomes what we envision it to be, we’ll be able to serve the needs of more and more people. Our ultimate goal is to create a virtual communication platform that can help everyone transcend physical location, not just a select few.

How will the full version differ from the Alpha?

If we knew that, we wouldn’t need an Alpha! We’re using the early stages of this product to really see how and why people are using it. Our goal is to craft the most natural and useful way to communicate remotely, with the subtleties of interaction that you’d expect from in-person conversations. Early user input will help give us clarity about what that will require.

What is the current state of the Alpha?

For now, only those who are invited can participate, but once we gather enough feedback and finesse the user experience, we’ll open it up to a wider market. So stay tuned, or better yet sign up for updates.

How much will it cost to use it?

Pluto will be free for the Alpha stage, and we intend for some core of it to always remain free. Our mission is to make Pluto a viable in-person alternative for everyone, and therefore we want to keep it open beyond monetary constraints.

How are you planning to involve the community in your development process?

Our product is all about connecting, so it only makes sense that we’d reach out to those who are excited for its potential. Rest assured, the Alpha will be the first of many opportunities for you to get involved!